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About Remix Fitness Studio

Remix Fitness Studio is the ultimate mash-up of music and exercise.

Our workouts are inspired by the beats of our favourite artists. They bring the vibe and we create the workout, so all you need to do is turn up, sweat up and go!

We want exercise to be the best part of your day - we started Remix as a general fitness studio, but more and more each day we are feeling that female power! We are becoming passionate about helping women feel great - using exercise to tap into your feminine energy and walk out of our studio into your day feeling unstoppable!

And our workouts are just the beginning - every Remix membership is a personalised system for success. With our amazing Remix crew by your side, you are guaranteed to GLOW UP with us!

To Remix is to take an original and make it better. That's exactly what we do every single day.

Remix Memberships

Ranging from $19 to $31 per week

“ Workouts inspired by music. A mash up of training styles. Positive vibes every day. ”

Remix Fitness Studio