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Our marketplace is designed to connect Communities & support Indigenous Businesses in an online global trading platform.

5000 TRIBES was formed in January 2020 by a partnership of tangata whenua (people of the land) with
a mission to build an Indigenous wellbeing economy through digital enterprise.

There are an estimated 5000+ distinct groups of indigenous peoples globally, comprising 370 million people in 90 countries.

As hunters, gatherers and traders, Indigenous peoples nurtured strategic connections over generations.

Along our ancient trade routes, we developed critical inter-Indigenous relationships.

Technology can revive this connectivity to benefit our communities today. We aim to build virtual trade routes to connect 5000 tribes and grow an Indigenous economy – a unique collective that benefits our own community of trade.

Our story reflects our journey as people of the land to reclaim our ways of doing, being and knowing.

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“ We believe that creating trading partnerships and a collaborative economy will help us all to achieve, prosper and contribute back to our communities. ”

5000 Tribes